A Camping We Will Go…

Caleb went on his very first camping trip this weekend. (Note: It was also mom and dad’s first camping trip together in 8 years!! – Thanks to the Patels and Herds for all their help!) We went up to Lake Cowichan with Kaari, Anika, Deenu, Marilyn and Brad and had a blast!

Our campsite:

The babies behaved beautifully and slept well… the bigger boys had fun on the boat and in the lake… and the women rested and relaxed at the beach and around the campfire. Caleb is in love with the movement of the trees and had lots of smiles for everyone!

Here’s the happy camper:

With his buddy Kaari:

Kaari has some fun in the lake with Deenu:

Our family at the lake:

Thanks for the fun times Anika, Deenu, Karri, Marilyn and Brad!

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