Dear Caleb…

Dear Caleb,

You are now just over two weeks old. During these last few weeks you have changed our lives dramatically. We are so overwhelmed with love for you, and care so much about you. Everyday we smother you with kisses and cuddles, and you definately love to snuggle back.

You know mommy and daddy’s voices, and will turn your head towards us when we are talking or call your name.

And you already have a definate personality. You are very strong willed and hate to have your diaper changed. You make lots of little faces while you sleep – some of them are smiles and some of them are grumpy looks.

You also like to sleep with your arms up – just like your daddy!

You favorite position is on your tummy. You love to fall asleep like that on mommy or daddy’s chest, and love to have tummy time when you are awake.

You also love to watch our faces when you are awake, and in a state of quiet alertness. You still love to suck on daddy’s finger. What will we do when he goes back to work next week? You also love having mommy sing to you. Your current favorite songs are: Winnie the Pooh, You are my Sunshine and Everybody Loves You. You are also still a big U2 fan. When you are upset, I can put on the CD and dance with you and you calm down right away and snuggle up on my shoulder.

You have also grown lots. You are longer, and at our last appointment with Luba you weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces – you gained over a pound in a week! You definately love to eat, and I love all our special times together feeding… even if I’m grumpy after many late night feeds – I still love our special time.

I’m so happy to be a mommy and love you so much. You make me proud to be your mommy!

I love you little Squishy!

Love, Mommy

PS- Anika and Rebekah won the baby pool as to when you would be arriving. And I’m so happy you came when you did!

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