Showered with Love…

…and lots of stuff!!

This weekend I was given two baby showers. One with family and friends, and one with co-workers. We are very loved and got very spoilt!

Here’s a picture of all of Squishy’s new things:

There are too many things to show pictures of everything, so I’ll just show one of the most impressive done by my grandma – she made up a clothes line on which she put all the clothes and blankets she bought or made for Squishy:

(Thanks to Squishy’s Grandma Germaine for these pictures)

Here’s a picture feom shower #2 of Squishy and Mommy cutting the cake:

(Thanks to Kristy for taking this picture!)

Thank you so much to everybody! We love all of Squishy’s things and know that he’ll be very happy with them all!

~ Squishy, Ally & Adam ~

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