A Pain in the …Ribs!

We had our 35 week midwife appointment yesturday. So far everything looks good. Apparently the pain I’ve been having in my pelvic area is not because of a fall that happened at work on Wednesday, but because of the muscles and stuff relaxing down there to get ready for baby. It is alot of pressure sometimes, and I’ve taken to using the elevator in our building now, because the stairs take too long! The pain under my breasts is because of the way my ribcage has spread. Apparently I have a short torso, so my ribs really spread to make room for baby – and that’s why it hurts so much there. That, and the fact that Squishy kicks me in the ribs all the time.

My unborn child wakes me up in the middle of the night – kicking me in the ribs! Is it wrong to yell at him? I do need to breath! He’s such a pain in the butt!

We also had our hospital tour last night, and know where to find all the good stuff – towels, big bowls for throwing up, the ice chip dispenser… and most importantly Adam knows how to work all the controls on the bed!

I’ll now be seeing the midwives every week. It’s getting very close… only another four weeks or so until I can have a non- rib-kicking night!

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