Squishy update

So I’m now at 32 weeks 3 days, and I had a midwife appointment yesturday. Passed the glucose tolerance test with flying colors. And got the ultrasound results. Baby is still measuring slightly small, but has had considerable growth and development looks really good.

The goofy thing – the ultrasound tech put a note in saying that I told her that I ovulated last – so that’s probably why on the first ultrasound the dates were off and baby measured small… I told them that the first time around too. However, although they said that it was probably the cause of the small growth, due to a wrong date…. they still said that I was a week ahead, and have still said June 5…. my midwives and I agree that the date is suopposed to be June 13… so whatever. The ultrasound techs have noted a discrepancy but won’t commit to anything… because that would have been too simple the first time!

So, eveything seems good so far. I have another appointment in 3 weeks, and then I start going every week until Squishy decides he’s ready to pop out.

On a sidenote: No, we have not committed to any names yet, but thank you to everyone who asks me everyday!

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