30 weeks!

We have reached 30 weeks of pregnancy! Yay! We are 3/4 done! Woohoo! Some days I feel like there is not much room left for Squishy, and I think Squishy has been feeling the same way. This baby has been squirming around a lot, and waking me up from all the baby aerobics that is happening in there. Last week, I snuggled up next to Adam in bed, and Squishy kicked so hard – Adam felt it and was woken up!

However, kicking has had some great advantages too. A few weeks ago while I was asleep, Adam asked Squishy if he should buy me a diamond tennis bracelet for my birthday. Squishy kicked once for yes – so now I own this beautiful bracelet:

My new diamond tennis bracelet

Thank you Squishy! And Squishy’s Dad!

I also went out and got a new hair cut, although my sister says it’s a “mom cut” and now I look like a mom!

Short Hair

Oh well… approximately 10 weeks left, and then I really will be a mom!

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