The Happiest Baby on the Block!

Last night squishy’s dad and I went to our first parenting class – The Happiest Baby on the Block. We’ve learned to swaddle, shush and sooth our little Squishy. You can learn more about Dr. Harvy Karp’s methods here: The Happiest Baby on the Block

After the class Adam and I practiced our swaddling and are now in competition with each other to be the Fastest Swaddler on the Block! (I think I’m going to win!)

We also had an appointment with our midwife Deb yesturday. So far everything looks good. I’m measuring in the 50th percentile for belly growth, and have to go for a gluclose tolerance test. Squishy’s little heart is beating away at 150 BPM.

April 7th we’ll be going for another ultasound to make sure that our little Squishy is growing and developing like he or she should. And hopefully we’ll be able to find out if we have a she or he… please be cooperative this time baby! And make mommy the Happiest Mommy on the Blcok!

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