I’m a Soccer Mom!

Well, my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball…how the heck that fits inside of me, I have no idea! But it would explain how my belly button jumps around on it’s own now. At 25 weeks of pregnancy, baby Squishy is definately making him or herself known to me and his or her daddy! All the time baby is moving and kicking and kneeing and elbowing and punching…

Lately Squishy’s favorite nighttime activity is to wait until I get comfy and then a little foot or something starts pushing on my side against the mattress so that I have to roll over. Already this kid is waking me up and keeping me up all night!

As for development – Squishy is around 1 1/2 pounds now, and head to rump length is about 8 1/2 inches. A total body length of around 13 1/2 inches! There is still not a lot of fat on Squishy, but definately hair. And Squishy has all of the baby newborn features. Squishy can cup his or her fingers, make a fit and hold his or her toes. Blood vessels have formed in the lungs to get the baby ready for breathing.

For more info on how the fetus develops, check out the videos on this site:
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