Gung Hay Fat Choy!

What do you get when you mix a Horse with a Snake?…

A Rooster! It’s Chinese New Year and our little Squishy will born under the year of the Rooster. Here’s what I found out about Roosters:

The Year of the Rooster:
What you see is what you get! Straightforward and forthright to the core, Rooster people have no hidden agendas. Endowed with a keen sixth sense, Roosters are extremely observant people with nothing escaping their notice – so beware you can’t fool a Rooster.

Though they seem conservative, Roosters are extremely conscious of their looks and appearance and will not bat an eyelid at spending extravagntly on clothes and anything that will enhance their appearance. Practicality and resourcefulness maybe their trademark, yet they are intrinsically dreamers to the core. Roosters make the best of friends as loyalty is an obsession with them and they always keep their promise.

-Squishy definately sounds like he or she will be a combination of mommy and daddy!

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